• Gravure Printing Partner since 2002

    Gravurtechnik V. Krause

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  • Full Service for Manufacturing of Gravur Printing Cylinders

    We offer you

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    New Machines

    DMA and Acigraf

    engraving machine DMA R10-16


    R10-35 DPU


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    Used Machines


    K500 cl

    K405 1canal



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    Engraving Heads

    sales and service

    type: B, C, D, MDC


    Sprint B, Sprint C


    sale: used overhauled heads


    new heads from EHT


    service and repair all typs

    Service & Support

    for various machines

    Spare Parts

    for various machines

    Meesuring Instruments

  • Machines

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    DMA R10-22

    This maschine works fully automatic with the Acigraf line.

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    DMA R10-35

    The maschine is based on a K30x maschine base. machine base lenght: 5000, 6000 or 6500 mm, 1 chanal, 8 kHz engraving

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    DMA R10-16

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    machine base 5000 mm
    for hollow and shaft cylinders

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    machine base 5000 mm
    for engraving of shaft cylinders, open bearing blocks

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    K500 classic

  • Partners

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    Graphic Equipments

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    hsa Helio Service Ahaus GmbH

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    Jan Voermann Graphic IT Support

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    David Puchol Tennant WSTS

    GETS D.O.O.

    Kristijan Kalcic

  • About

    Gravurtechnik V. Krause since 2002


    The Company Garvurtechnik V. Krause was founded by Veit Krause 1. August 2002. Veit Krause has been working on helio engraving machines since 1988.


    CV Veit Krause 

    • 1988 Sächsische Walzengravur,Workshop Department
    • 1989 Dr.Wirth graphische Technik, Service Technician
    • 1993 Linotype/Hell Stuttgart, Service Technician
    • 1994 GTC electronik Laboe, Service Technician
    • 2002 Foundation of Gravurtechnik V. Krause
    • 2016 DMA Innotec Sales Agent for Germany and South Afrika

    As a Service Technician he completed various special trainings:

    • Helioklischographen Typ K200,K201,202,203,K301,302,303K405, 406 bis K500N
    • DTG, HelioControll and HelioDisk
    • Siemens Precess Computer, Linux Systems , DOS and Windows installations
    • DMA ZMI, DMA JobCreator

    About Gravurtechnik V. Krause 

    Gravurtechnik V. Krause is a service company for customers in the graphic industry. The service is focused at systems producing printing cylinders for deep printing processes and includes:

    • sale of new and used machines as well as partial components
    • sale of spare parts and consumables
    • installation, repair, maintenance, and instruction

    Our core business revolves around the engraving systems from Hell Gravur Systems, DMA Innotec, MDC Dätwyler as well as AABACH in connection with direct data systems such as DTG, GIPSY, HELIO-COM, DIGRA, SCITEX-LOGO, DMA ZMI, DMA JobCreator.


    Our field of service includes all regular maintenance, machine conversion, modification and expansion. Special jobs such as moving machine within a factory or around the world can also be handled quickly and effectively in conjunction with our competent transport partners. With in the service area, we also offer service contracts. Some of our most important customers are:

    • TSB Mönchengladbach
    • Chiyoda Europa
    • Moselle Photogravure
    • ATG Service GmbH
    • Burda Print
    • Bauer Print Chiranow
  • Please contact us

    Please contact us anytime. We are looking forward working with you :-)

    Kutschenweg 2
    76287 Rheinstetten
    +49 170 3452389